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Tatyana Lanshina, Vera Barinova 1, Andrei Kondratiev, Mikhail Romantsov
  • 1 RANEPA, 82 Vernadsky Avenue, Moscow, 119571, Russia

Sustainable Development and Digitalization: The Unusual COVID-19 Crisis Requires Original Solutions

2020. Vol. 15. No. 4. P. 91–114 [issue contents]
This article provides a content analysis of over 20 policy proposals for coping with the COVID-19 crisis that have been published by influential international organizations, governments, corporations, academics and civil society groups. The current situation, the role of digitalization during the crisis, and the composition of anti-crisis measures already taken by the world’s largest economies are investigated, and long-term measures are proposed aimed at restoring the global economy and moving toward more equitable and sustainable development.The authors identify a significant green component in public policy proposals published since the pandemic began and note that many proposals relate to equity and inclusiveness in development and meeting the needs of individuals. The authors further identify key areas of sustainable development that require action in the near future and which can create new opportunities for economic development: renewable energy and clean transport, cyclical economy, digitalization and environmental protection. At the same time, it is noted that the transition to a green economy is of a long-term nature and may conflict with the need in the short term to support the economy in overcoming the crisis.These priority areas for government action require attention within the framework of Russia’s anti-crisis policy. Given the sharp drop in oil prices, the acceleration of digitalization and decarbonization, and the magnitude of the 2020 economic crisis, Russia needs to begin an accelerated transition to low-carbon energy, a cyclical economy and the restoration of its ecosystems with accelerated digitalization.
Citation: Lanshina T., Barinova V., Kondratyev A., Romantsov M. (2020) Sustainable Development and Digitalization:The Unusual COVID-19 Crisis Requires Original Solutions. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 15, no 4, pp. 91–114 (in English).
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