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Current issue no2 2022

International Organisations Research Journal (IORJ) is published by the National Research University Higher School of Economics since January 2006. It is published quarterly since 2009. Generally, each issue is dedicated to one theme. 

Scientific Advisor – Yaroslav I. Kuzminov
Editor-in-chief – Marina V. Larionova

Executive Editors – Olga  Kolmar, Ksenia Dorokhina

The Editorial Board - consists of prominent Russian and international scientists, specialists and experts in the field of international cooperation.

Mission and journal topics

The journal mission is to disseminate Russian and international research on global governance and international cooperation on a wide range of social and economic policies; as well as to serve as a professional platform for discussion of trends and prognoses in these areas.

International Organisations Research Journal publishes academic and analytical papers of Russian and international authors on activities of international multilateral institutions: G8, G20, BRICS, OECD, the World Bank, IMF, WTO, UN, and alliances: European Union,  Eurasian Economic Union, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and others.

Analytical and research papers on international cooperation in higher education,trends in higher education developments at the national, regional and global levels are welcomed for reviewing and publication.

The journal is targeted at researchers, analysts, practitioners in international affairs and world economics and a wide audience interested in international affairs and global development.  IORJ supports publications of graduate and postgraduate students and young researchers in Russia and abroad.  All IORJ publications are peer-reviewed.

Journal Scopus Quartiles                                                                 


  • Political Science and International Relations - Q2
  • Sociology and Political Science - Q2
  • Finance - Q3
  • Economics and Econometrics - Q3


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Issue Date
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Vol.17. №1(2022) 

Challenges and Imperatives for Multilateralism 

Articles admission is closed 

March 2022 

March 2022 

Vol.17. №2(2022) 

Challenges to Global Governance for a Resilient World 

Articles admission is closed 

July 2022 

July 2022 

Vol.17. №3(2022) 

Trends in regional and global governance 

Articles submission is closed 

October 2022 

October 2022 

Vol.17. №4(2022) 

Multilateralism in Transition? 

Article submission is open 

December 2022 

December 2022 

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