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Peer Reviewing

1. All articles accepted for consideration for publishing in the International Organisations Research Journal (IORJ) undergo an internal and external review and approval by the editorial board.

2. The article submitted to the editors is initially assessed for compliance with the journal’s themes and editorial requirements (internal review). If the article does not comply, it is not sent for further consideration, and the authors are notified.

3. If the article complies with the editorial requirements, it is sent for independent expert external review.

4. The external review process is anonymous for referees as well as for the authors.

5. The reviewer is asked to consider methodological and methodical issues, analytical and statistical foundations, key provisions, interpretation of findings, bibliography and other content-related elements.

6. The review includes a general evaluation of the article’s quality, analysis of the methodology and tools, strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. 

7. Based on the review process, the article may be rejected, returned to the authors for revision, or accepted for publication.

8. The editorial board decides on publication based on the outcomes of the internal and external review process.

9. If the review process recommends publication, the article is sent to the editorial board for further publication. The editorial staff informs the author with the review feedback.

10. If the review process recommends rejection, the editorial board decides whether the article should be rejected or sent for further anonymous review.

11. If the article is rejected, the editorial staff informs the author.

12. If the review process recommends revisions, the article is returned by the editorial staff to the author along with the review feedback for revision.

13. If the review process recommends revisions, the author must revise the article as suggested to be considered for publication. The article will not be published unless it has been satisfactorily revised.

14. The editorial board reserves the right not to publish the article based on the review process.

15. The final decision on an article’s publication and approval of an issue’s content are made by the editorial board.

16. The reviewing process takes up to two months. Articles are published in order of priority according to an issue’s theme.

17. The publication process carried out by IORJ includes copyediting and proofreading according to the journal’s house style. All editorial changes are agreed with authors.


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