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Boris Zhelezov

Highlights of the EU experience in higher education governance reform

2008. Vol. 3. No. 2. P. 27–35 [issue contents]

B. Zhelezov, Deputy-Director for International Relations, State University – Higher School of Economics, MBA, PhD in Political Science

The paper provides the synthesis review of the EC in-depth research study The extent and impact of higher education governance reform across Europe. Contract 2006-1407/001-001 S02-81AWB.The study implemented by the group of EU experts was aimed to discover the recent developments within the key areas of higher education governance across Europe including the latest changes in funding structures, mechanisms for decision-making process and system of quality assurance on national and institutional levels. The study was also aimed to provide the assessment of these changes by key stakeholders involve in educational process such as HEIs leadership, students, academic staff, employers and local communities. It is envisaged that research creates the good basis for further benchmarking of broad EU countries’ experience in higher education reforms which is potentially useful for Russia as well as for EU-Russia common European Higher Education Area.

Citation: Zhelezov Boris V (2008) Osmyslenie opyta reform upravleniya vysshim obrazovaniem v ES [Highlights of the EU experience in higher education governance reform] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 27-35 (in Russian)
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