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Maria Bazlutskaya 1, Elena Zinovyeva 2,3,4
  • 1 TV - News, Borovaya street, 3k1, Moscow, 111020, Russian Federation
  • 2 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation
  • 3 MGIMO-University, Vernadsky Avenue, 7619454, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 4 National Research University Higher School of Economics, Pokrovsky boulevard, 11, 109028, Moscow

Characteristics of the digital public diplomacy of international organizations. Analytical review of a collective monograph: Digital diplomacy and international organizations. Autonomy, Legitimacy and Con-testation, edited by R. Zaiotti, C. Bjola

2022. Vol. 17. No. 1. P. 183–190 [issue contents]

The article provides a critical review of the book “Digital diplomacy and international organizations. Autonomy, Legitimacy and Contestation” [Zaiotti, Bjola (ed.) 2020]. The key feature of the book is the approach to the study of digital diplomacy, according to which international governmental and non-governmental organizations, and not only the foreign political departments of states, are considered as the main actors of communication. The authors highlight the features of the Internet communications of international organizations, look for new approaches to the study of online activity, consider the challenges and threats to the legitimacy and autonomy of international organizations in the context of information confrontation.
The article also examines a number of controversial topics raised by the authors of the work under review, including the issue of the correctness and validity of the use of the terms disinformation and fake news on an unsubstantiated basis.

The article was written on the basis of the project "Post-crisis world order: challenges and technologies, competition and cooperation" under grant No. 2020-1902-01-372

Citation: Bazlutskaya M., Zinovieva E. (2022). Characteristics of the Digital Public Diplomacy of International Organizations. Analytical Review of a Collective Monograph: Digital Diplomacy and International Organizations. Autonomy, Legitimacy and Contestation, edited by R. Zaiotti, C. Bjola. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 17, no 1, pp. 183–190 (in Russian).
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