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Dinara Gershinkova

Unresolved Issues of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement – Is a Compromise Possible in Glasgow?

2021. Vol. 16. No. 3. P. 69–84 [issue contents]

Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement, adopted in 2015, defines three mechanisms that stimulate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. These are the trading of the results of emission reductions, the implementation of climate projects, and so-called non-market approaches. However, the rules for the application of Article 6 have not been agreed so far. Among the remaining contradictions in the positions of the participating countries are different understandings of approaches to prevent double counting of the results of project activities, mandatory deductions for adaptation purposes, and the transfer of unused carbon units under the Kyoto Protocol.
At the same time, some countries have already initiated pilot projects under Article 6 with the intention that, in the coming years, they will become Article 6 projects.
In November 2021, the 26th United Nations (UN) Climate Conference will be held in Glasgow. Experts link the effectiveness of forthcoming forum with completion of Article 6 negotiations. In this article, the main problematic issues in the negotiations are considered and proposals for the Russian position at the upcoming conference are formulated.

Citation: Gershinkova D. (2021) Unresolved issues of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement – is a compromise possible in Glasgow? // International Organizations Research Journal, vol.16, no 3. рр. 69–84 (in English)
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