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John Kirton, Brittaney Warren1
  • 1 University of Toronto, Devonshire Place, 1, Room 308N, Ontario, Toronto, Canada, M5S 3K7

From Silos to Synergies: G20 Governance of the SDGs, Climate Change & Digitalization

2021. Vol. 16. No. 2. P. 20–54 [issue contents]
How well and why have Group of 20 (G20) summits advanced Agenda 2030’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) in a synergistic way, with climate change and digitization at the core? An answer to this urgent, indeed existential, question comes from a systematic analysis of G20 summit governance of the SDGs, climate change and digitization to assess the ambition and appropriateness of advances within each pillar and the synergistic links among them. This analysis examines G20 governance of the SDGs, sustainable development, climate change and digitization across the major dimensions of performance and evaluates how performance has changed and become synergistic with the advent of the SDGs in 2015 and the shock of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020. The latter has shown the need to prevent global ecological crises and spurred the digitization of the economy, society and health. Yet, G20 summit governance has largely remained in separate silos, doing little to use the digital revolution to address climate change or reach the SDGs. This highlights the need for G20 leaders to forge links at their future summits by mainstreaming the SDGs and mobilizing the digital revolution and climate action for future health and well-being.
Citation: Kirton J. Warren B. (2021) From Silos to Synergies: G20 Governance of the SDGs, Climate Change & Digitalization. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 16, no 2, pp. (in English).
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