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Ivan Safranchuk1, Vera Zhornist1, Alexander Nesmashnyi1
  • 1 Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University), Vernadskogo Av., 76, 119454, Moscow, Russian Federation

Hegemony and World Order: An Overview of the Concept “Hegemony as Complexity”

2021. Vol. 16. No. 1. P. 172–183 [issue contents]

This article reviews the key topics and debates in Hegemony and World Order: Reimagining Power in Global Politics (Routledge, 2020), edited by P. Dutkiewicz, T. Casier, J. A. Scholte. The volume covers several issues related to hegemony in contemporary politics from neo-liberal, realist, constructivist, neo-Gramscian, world-systems and postcolonial theoretical perspectives. The concept of “complex hegemony,” briefly evaluated in this review, and the analysis of the recent stage of globalization presented in the volume offer meaningful contributions to the theoretical debates. From a more practical perspective, Hegemony and World Order dwells on the future of world order and the prospects for alternative hegemonic projects, including those sponsored by China and Russia. Additionally, the hegemony of non-state actors in global governance is studied in detail. The review considers the ability of the leading states to execute complex hegemony and discuss the demand for hegemony in the context of the transformation of world order.

Citation: Safranchuk I. Zhornist V. Nesmashnyi A. (2021) Hegemony and World Order: An Overview of the Concept “Hegemony as Complexity”. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 16, no 1, pp. 172-183 (in Russian).
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