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Elena Kašťáková, Matúš Žatko, Natália Barinková

The Current State of, and Perspectives on, Foreign Trade Between the EU and Central Asia in a Period of Geoeconomic Change

2021. Vol. 16. No. 1. P. 145–161 [issue contents]

The article examines the current foreign trade relations between the EU and Central Asia. Based on econometric analysis, it sets out possible perspectives for the further development of mutual trade relations in the time of geoeconomic changes. As one of the most important integration groupings in the world, the EU has a significant influence in promoting its foreign trade interests. Central Asia is a part of Asia consisting of several states that are members of different regional integration groupings with different priorities. The result of the research is an analysis of mutual foreign trade relations. Character and perspective of mutual trade relations is assessed by using of selected one-factor indicators (trade complementarity index and trade intensity index). With the help of time-series forecast model, the article also tries to estimate the future development of EU exports as well as EU imports in relation to Central Asian countries. While the EU imports from Central Asian countries are dominated by minerals and fuels in the long term, EU exports consist of more sophisticated and diversified production. This represents the potential for further development of the business relationships and growth of mutual trade. In the case of favourable circumstances, a continuing growth trend in trade can be expected, especially on the side on EU exports.

Citation: Kašťáková E. Žatko M. Barinková N. (2020) The Current State of, and Perspectives on, Foreign Trade Between the EU and Central Asia in a Period of Geoeconomic Change. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 16, no 1, pp. 145-161 (in English).
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