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Alexander Daniltsev1, Olga Biryukova1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

When Cooperation Fails: the Global Governance of Digital Trade

2019. Vol. 14. No. 1. P. 7–20 [issue contents]

International trade is in continuous development that results in need of development of adequate answers from the international economic institutes participating in her regulation. The authors conclude that the initiatives of international organizations in the global regulation of e-commerce are far behind business practices. Despite the dynamic development of the digital economy, international institutions have not yet been able to work out control mechanisms at the multilateral level. Therefore, today the WTO and a number of other international organizations are facing the need to develop new mechanisms for regulating trade in the conditions of digitalization. This will largely depend not only on the new rules of trade policy, but also on the future of these organizations, their placement in the hierarchy of influence of international institutions.

The article shows that countries manage to regulate various aspects of e-commerce more comprehensively at the bilateral and plural lateral levels. The use of digital trade regulations developed at the regional and plurilateral levels, as well as the cooperation of countries at other sites (APEC, OECD, the G20), may facilitate the creation of future WTO agreements governing digital trade.

Citation: Biryukova O., Daniltsev A. (2019) When Cooperation Fails: the Global Governance of Digital Trade. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 14, no 1, pp. 7–20 (in English). DOI: 10.17323/1996- 7845-2019-01-01
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