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Elizaveta Safonkina


2012. Vol. 7. No. 4. P. 109–124 [issue contents]

Since G20 establishment as a leaders` forum for economic governance, Mexico is an active actor in the forum. G20 Presidency in 2012 was a major opportunity to address the country`s priorities through G20 agenda and continue engagement with the partners in the institution. The article presents the analysis of Mexico positions on key global governance issues. The analysis has been carried out on the basis of G20 documents and data from national sources (laws, national programs, leaders’ statements etc). The research highlights Mexican priorities which define its positions in G20 and other international institutions.

During its G20 presidency Mexico included into the agenda such topics as food security, climate change, green growth, disasters risks management and tourism development which are have a great importance for country and its neighboring countries of the Caribbean region. Mexico pursues a proactive national policy on the traditional G20 agenda topics as job creation and fighting corruption because the country suffers from labour market imbalances and significant informal labour sector and corrupt local authorities. The policy on financial literacy and financial inclusion stimulation is implemented by the national government in accordance with the G20 commitments and recommendations.

Mexico has strongly committed to the trade facilitation; it signed 12 free trade agreements with 44 countries and implemented import tariffs reduction.

Mexico develops the bilateral relations with the G20 partners due to common interests and problems the countries faces. It also demonstrates Mexico`s aspiration to position itself as one of most influential counties not only in the Latin American region.

The study is implemented within the project of the Russian International Affairs Council and International Organizations Research Institute National Research University Higher School of Economics “Enhancing Effectiveness of Russia’s Participation in G20, G8 and BRICS”.

Citation: Safonkina Elizaveta A (2012) Meksika [Mexico] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 4, pp. 109-124 (in Russian)
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