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E Levkin, D Gercheva

Methodology for Development Agencies Capacity Assessment at a National Level

2011. Vol. 6. No. 2. P. 95–100 [issue contents]

Levkin E., Programme Co-ordinator UNDP, Social and Economic Development in Russia; E-mail: evgeny.levkin@undp.org

Gercheva D., United Nations Resident Co-ordinator, UNDP Resident Representation in Armenia; E-mail:dafina.gercheva@undp.org

The article presents a methodology for assessment a development agency capacity designed by UNDP.This methodology helps to facilitate international development assistance effectiveness at a nationallevel. It includes the development capacity concept, which takes into account main stakeholders, organization and external environment, and the development capacity cycle that comprises cooperationwith stakeholders, needs analysis, responding to the needs, implementation of development plans andresults evaluation.



Ключевые слова: ООН, ПРООН, потенциал агентства содействия развитию, методология оценки потенциала.Key words: UN, UNDP, development agency capacity, capacity assessment methodology.

Citation: Levkin E V, Gercheva D (2011) Metodologiya otsenki potentsiala natsional'nykh agentstv sodeystviya razvitiyu [Methodology for Development Agencies Capacity Assessment at a National Level] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 95-100 (in Russian)
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