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Ch. Neal, Svetlana Markova

Communicative Strategy for Russia’s Development Assistance: a Review of Other Donors’ Experience

2011. Vol. 6. No. 2. P. 65–94 [issue contents]

Neal Ch., Senior Communications Advisor at the World Bank Group; E-mail: Cneal1@worldbank.org

Markova S., Communications Consultant at the World Bank Group; E-mail: smarkova@worldbank.org

This paper reviews the public positioning of official development assistance (ODA) programs of selected donor countries, as well as that of multilateral development institutions. It compares and contrasts their communications objectives, messages, strategies, practices and products. It also discussesthe organizational structures that governments and multilaterals have established to manage publicinformation and communications on development aid. Based on this review and the Concept for Russia’s International Development Assistance, it suggests issues for discussion towards developing acommunications strategy and plan for Russia’s ODA program.

Citation: Neal Ch. , Markova Svetlana Vsevolodovna (2011) Analiticheskiy obzor po informatsionno-kommunikatsionnoy strategii dlya rossiyskoy programmy sodeystviya mezhdunarodnomu razvitiyu: analiz opyta stran-donorov [Communicative Strategy for Russia’s Development Assistance: a Review of Other Donors’ Experience] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 65-94 (in Russian)
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