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Alcides Vaz, Cristina Inoue, Subhash Agrawal, Gregory Chin, Michael Frolic, Wolfe Braude, Pearl Thandrayan, Elizabeth Sidiropouls (Translation ed. by: Olga Perfilieva, Vitaly Nagornov)

Emerging Donors in International Development Assistance

2010. Vol. 5. No. 2. P. 111–179 [issue contents]

Brazil (authored in English by Alcides Costa Vaz and Cristina Yumie Aoki Inoue, translated by A. Shvets, ed. by O. Perfilieva)

India (authored in English by Subhash Agrawal, translated by M. Rakhmangulov, ed. by O. Perfilieva)

China (authored in English by Gregory T. Chin and B. Michael Frolic translated by Y. Zaytsev, ed. by V. Nagornov)

South Africa (authored in English by Wolfe Braude, Pearl Thandrayan, Elizabeth Sidiropouls, translated by A. Shadrikova, ed. by V. Nagornov)

The article presents the translation of a series of papers on the role of emerging economies in international development assistance prepared under the project “Emerging Donors in International Development Assistance” supported by the International Development Research Centre, Canada in 2007-2008. The papers review the lessons revealed by the country studies of Brazil, China, India, and South Africa, who are referred to collectively as ‘emerging donors’. The studies emphasize the origins, structure, and operations of these countries’ development assistance programmes, especially the research for development and international collaborative dimensions, geographical and sectoral priories of their programmes.

Citation: Vaz Alcides Costa, Inoue Cristina Yumie Aoki, Agrawal Subhash , Chin Gregory T, Frolic Michael B, Braude Wolfe , Thandrayan Pearl , Sidiropouls Elizabeth (2010) Novye donory sodeystviya mezhdunarodnomu razvitiyu – novye partnerstva dlya razvitiya. Braziliya, Indiya, Kitay, YuAR [Emerging Donors in International Development Assistance] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 111-179 (in Russian)
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