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Olga Perfilieva

European Institute of Technology: new model of cooperation between education, business and science

2008. Vol. 3. No. 1. P. 46–53 [issue contents]

Olga Perfilieva, Deputy-Director of the Center for Cooperation with OECD (OECD-HSE Partnership Centre), International Organizations Research Institute, State University - Higher School of Economics. Post-graduate Studies (PhD) in Sociology

The paper turns to the analysis of a new EU initiative on European Institute of Technology creation aimed to boost an innovation and technological development in Europe facing the need to confront the global challenges. The paper describes the European Institute of Technology as a new form of cooperation between education, innovations and science and new model managing contemporary processes of technological development on the basis of multilateral networking collaboration. It focused on the structure and mechanisms of the European Institute of Technology designed for its effective and successful functioning. It argues the potential practical usage of the model described across and beyond the EU (including third countries) and its implementation in different national contexts. It stresses the innovative approach to provide sustainability of a single networking system through the system integrated specific internal mechanisms such as self-evaluation and self-reproduction and support mechanisms. The paper is also provided the list of terms used to describe the European Institute of Technology concept.

Citation: Perfilieva Olga V (2008) Evropeyskiy tekhnologicheskiy universitet: novaya model' sotrudnichestva obrazovaniya, biznesa i nauki [European Institute of Technology: new model of cooperation between education, business and science] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 1, pp. 46-53 (in Russian)
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