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Timur Alyev 1, Elena Stoyanova2, Ekaterina Chimiris2
  • 1 VAVT, 6A Vorob'evskoe shosse, Moscow, 119285, Russia
  • 2 VAVT, 6A Vorob'evskoe shosse, Moscow, 119285, Russia

Integration Strategies of the Post-Soviet Countries – Analysis Using the Social Graph Approach

2023. Vol. 18. No. 1. P. 127–150 [issue contents]

In connection with the current trends restructuring the global world order, the task of creating regional zones of trust, including in the format of integration trade associations between states, is coming to the fore. These trends play an important role in the foreign policy of states, including Russia. In this regard, this article analyzes the strategies of the states of the post-Soviet space in relation to regional economic integration.

The article uses the method of constructing a social graph. Data on the concluded regional trade agreements between the states of the post-Soviet bloc with trading partners was analyzed. The model was also tested and compared against data on value chains and investment flows. Based on this analysis, a model for the distribution of countries' strategies for regional economic integration was created along two parameters: active/passive and centrifugal/centripetal. Four variants of strategies were identified: active centrifugal, active centripetal, passive centrifugal, and passive centripetal. The article presents the results of checking the obtained model and draws conclusions regarding the prospects for the development of regional economic integration in the post-Soviet space.

This article was submitted 13.10.2022

Citation: Alyev T., E. Stoyanova, E. Chimiris (2023) Integration Strategies of the Post-Soviet Countries – Analysis Using the Social Graph Approach. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 18, no 1, P. (in English).
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