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Valeriya Oksinenko

Structure and Prospects for the Transformationof Official Development Assistance to Armenia

2022. Vol. 17. No. 4. P. 193–208 [issue contents]
This article examines the ratio of the official development assistance (ODA) structure of Armenia to its domesticgoals. For this, the author examines the structure of development assistance to Armenia and the motives of its maindonors. Considering the countryʼs rather close economic cooperation with Russia and the countries of the EuropeanUnion (EU), the expected political motivation of the countryʼs donors in providing and distributing ODA is revealed.However, for the most part, ODA-supported projects correspond to the real distribution of the countryʼs domesticneeds: poverty reduction and support for socially vulnerable groups of the population, development of agricultureand the service sector, and support for climate initiatives. The main contribution to this is made by internationalorganizations and the United States, which are historically the most reliable and long-standing donors of ODA tothe country. The Russian Federation is also a major donor of ODA to Armenia; however, due to the peculiarities ofdefining development assistance at the legislative level, Russian bilateral ODA is disordered and incorrectly reflectedin official statistics. In the medium term, the current structure of ODA by sector and donor can be expected to staystable: it is based on long-term agreements on cross-country economic cooperation and the activity of a stable politicalstructure in the United States. In the long term, the structure of Armeniaʼs ODA is likely to be most determined bythe development of economic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union.

The article is prepared within the project funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, No. 20-310-90017

This article was submitted on 15.09.2022
Citation: Oksinenko V. (2022) Structure and prospects for the transformation of official development assistance to Armenia. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 17, no 4, pp. 193-208 (in English).
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