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Maxim Bratersky1, Andrei Skriba 2, Arina Sapogova 3
  • 1 HSE, 17 M. Ordynka str., Moscow, 119017, Russia
  • 2 HSE, 17 M. Ordynka str., Moscow, 119017, Russia
  • 3 HSE, 17 M. Ordynka str., Moscow, 119017, Russia

The Struggle for Recognition or Enhancement of Satus: Conditions for the Stability and Development of Unrecognized States Using the Example of Eurasia

2021. Vol. 16. No. 3. P. 203–219 [issue contents]

In this article, the prospectsor changing the status of unrecognized states in Greater Eurasia are analyzed. Status and recognition are close but distinct categories in international relations (IR) theory and international law. Status defines a state’s rank in the hierarchical international system. Recognition is a different category; legally, it defines whether other states recognize a particular state as fully established and sovereign. Sovereignty is a third category related to the issue of recognition but not equal to it since it includes internal and external (international) sovereignty. There are examples of sovereign states that effectively control their territories and collect taxes, but which are not recognized as sovereign by other states.
The analysis in this article focuses on whether an unrecognized state can strengthen its status and improve its position in the international system. It is argued that this is possible, and that the absence of international recognition should not be regarded as an unsurpassable impediment to the economic development of the country.

Citation: Bratersky M.,Skriba A., Sapogova A. (2021) U.S. China Approaches to Global Internet Governance: "New Bipolarity" in Terms of "the Network Society". International Organisations Research Journal, vol.16, no 3, pp. 203-219 (in English)
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