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Vladimir Izotov, Tatyana Meshkova, Andrei Teplov

Creating a Common EAEU Financial Market: Opportunities and Limitations From the Perspective of Russia’s National Interests

2020. Vol. 15. No. 3. P. 129–152 [issue contents]
This article offers a comprehensive analysis of various aspects of the financial integration of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) at its present stage of development. Opportunities and prospects, risks, and limitations were analyzed from the point of view of Russia’s national interests, taking into account the country’s EAEU presidency in 2018. Financial integration should be deepened; it could have a powerful systemic effect and help accomplish several interrelated goals, such as giving a new impetus to Eurasian integration and overcoming the relative stagnation caused by the exhaustion of the natural integrational effects of the EAEU’s “start-up stage.” At the same time, the authors assume that (in the absolute majority of cases) EAEU countries have common interests in the financial aspect of integration. A successful Eurasian project could lead to the adoption of a multilateral approach with an emphasis on concerted actions, which would make financial integration beneficial to all members of the EAEU, individually and collectively alike. The article presents an in-depth analysis of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s (EEC) regulatory documents and compares the EAEU’s financial integration with that of other integration associations (such as the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The analysis identifies the most promising areas of financial integration in the medium term, taking into account members’ obligations. The list of priority measures to step up integrational cooperation aimed at creating a single financial market is presented at the supranational (for the EAEU) and national (for Russia) levels.


Citation: Izotov V., Meshkova T., Teplov A. (2020) Creating a Common EAEU Financial Market: Opportunities and Limitations From the Perspective of Russia’s National Interests. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 15, no 3, pp. 129–152 (in English).
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