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Andrey Sakharov1
  • 1 RANEPA, 82 (1) Vernadskogo prs., Moscow, 119571, Russia

BRICS Investment Policies through the PFI Perspective

2017. Vol. 12. No. 3. P. 160–181 [issue contents]

OECD Policy Framework for Investment (PFI), containing recommendations and best practices in 12 investment-related policy areas, is widely perceived as the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative instruments on international investment regulation. Topicality of PFI recommendations for OECD members and other countries, including Russia, is dictated by the competition in international investment markets. The instrument’s implementation can significantly boost national jurisdiction’s attractiveness to investors and increase its economic competitiveness.

The experience of BRICS countries as large developing economies, involved in collaboration with the OECD, could be of great value from the standpoint of the PFI implementation in Russia.

This article analyses investment policies of Brazil, India, China and South Africa from the perspective of PFI recommendations, organized in four major categories: general characteristics of investment regime and investment stimuli, national investment regulation regime, trade policy, overcoming structural limitations. The analysis forms the basis for recommendations on improving investment policy regime in Russia.

Citation: Sakharov A. (2017) BRICS Investment Policies from PFI Perspective. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 12, no 3, pp. 160–181 (in Russian and English). DOI: 10.17323/1996-7845-2017-03-160
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