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Maxim Bratersky1
  • 1 HSE, 17 M. Ordynka str., Moscow, 119017, Russia

Isolationism versus Geopolitics: The Dual Role of the Eurasian Economic Union in Global Governance

2016. Vol. 11. No. 2. P. 58–70 [issue contents]
This article conceptualizes ongoing efforts to develop the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), initiated by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in 2011. Engaging with two major theoretical perspectives, it establishes to what extent the EEU’s construction and potential expansion is economic regionalism (interpreted also as an isolationist strategy) driven by Russia led geopolitical motives. The political-economy debate of Eurasia goes beyond a common tariff area and a common market within the territory of the former USSR. Increasingly, it involves the establishment of a common monetary area. China’s Silk Road Economic Belt is building a foundation for a new Eurasia – one of the global economic and political players of this century. The economic reasons pursued by Russia in its Eurasian initiative are inseparable from economic problems of geopolitical significance. The overarching objective of Russian policy is to establish a regional economic fusion, with significant economic sovereignty and strong political influence; that is, to become the new centre of power in the global economy of the 21st century. Correspondingly, although Russian integration policy in Eurasia has not been formulated in an anti-American way, if it is successful the likely consequence will be the withdrawal of a significant segment of the global market from the economic dominance and political influence of western-led economic blocs.
Bratersky M. (2016) Isolationism versus Geopolitics: The Dual Role of the Eurasian Economic Union in Global Governance. International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 11, no 2, pp. 58-70 (in Russian and English). DOI: 10.17323/1996-7845-2016-02-58.
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