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Marek Rewizorski

G7/8 – G20 – BRICS: A New Triad in Global Governance?

2015. Vol. 10. No. 4. P. 29–48 [issue contents]

This article focuses on the evolution of systems dealing with economic globalization. The emergence of successive structures of global governance is response to tension, crisis and uncertainty generated by anarchy of international environment. The author presents the concept of the super triad of economic governance (STEG), developed between 1973 and 2008. It is characterized by a departure from the traditional triadic systems of economic triad (United States – European Union – Japan) and institutional triad (International Monetary Fund – World Bank – World Trade Organization) toward networking, trans-governance and the increasing role of leaders whose summits are opportunities to resolve global issues in economics and finance, as well as politics. In consecutive sections the article, based on the neoliberal theory of international relations and the network theory of world politics developed by Kenichi Ohmae, Anne-Marie Slaughter, John Kirton, Andrew F. Cooper and Ramesh Thakur, discusses and critiques the triadic systems in an era of economic globalization, and then explains the STEG concept and its structure. The conclusion presents the main findings.

Citation: Rewizorski M. (2015) G7/8 – G20 – BRICS: A New Triad in Global Governance? International Organisations Research Journal, vol. 10, no 4, pp. 29-48 (in Russian and English). DOI: 10.17323/1996-7845-2015-04-29.
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