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Olga Shpakovych

Supranationality in the Law of International Organisations

2012. Vol. 7. No. 2. P. 133–143 [issue contents]

The article discusses basic characteristics of supranationality. The author explores supranationality as a legal category and studies different concepts of supranationality.  Supranationality, on the one hand, is considered as a principle of international law, on the other - as a legal phenomenon. The most common is the idea that the supranationality constantly evolving, contributing to the further development of integration processes.

Interest is the classification of international organizations on the nature of authority, allowing to allocate interstate and supranational or, more precisely, supranational organizations. This classification allows a better understanding of the legal nature of the legal acts which are adopted by international organizations and their impact on internal legal orders of the Member States. Special attention is paid to the definition of supranational nature of the international organization.

Introduction to the structure of the international organization of some supranational elements does not necessarily lead to a restriction of the sovereignty of the members of these organizations, providing a certain increase in the efficiency of the organization. Availability supranational elements in the structure of the organization does not lead to a restriction of the sovereignty of Member States. Supranational organizations does not mean the loss of the Member States of their sovereignty, but only transfer their powers jointly established international organization. Transfer of the State's powers is the cornerstone question of the theory of supranationality. The answer depends only on what philosophy adheres to a researcher or other entity interpretation.

Citation: Shpakovych Olga Nikolaevna (2012) Nadnatsional'nost' v prave mezhdunarodnykh organizatsiy [Supranationality in the Law of International Organisations] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 133-143 (in Russian)
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