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E Levkin

Strengthening Capacity of Russian Development Assistance Institutions on the Basis of Trilateral Cooperation

2012. Vol. 7. No. 2. P. 86–100 [issue contents]

The article presents pressing issues in Russian development assistance. The author analyses Russian potential in this area and discusses successful projects implemented on the basis of trilateral cooperation. Implementation mechanism of these projects has been also described. Opportunities for using this experience in Russian development assistance practice have been examined. Proposed projects should include activities to contribute the effective implementation and dissemination of Russian IDA, enhance the image of Russia as a donor.  Paradigm of modern Russian government presupposes the existence of several players at the executive level in the field of international development assistance. Unsuccessful attempts to create Russian international development assistance program or agency that have sufficient authority in this area indicate a low capacity for coordination within the government. We can assume that in the coming years, Russia's demand of IDA program will have remained unsatisfied. The need for this kind of program is long overdue due to a number of social, economic and environmental problems in CIS countries. These problems are not solved for more than 20 years and will soon begin to put pressure on Russia.

Citation: Levkin E V (2012) Vozmozhnosti povysheniya potentsiala rossiyskikh institutov sodeystviya mezhdunarodnomu razvitiyu na osnove trekhstoronnego sotrudnichestva [Strengthening Capacity of Russian Development Assistance Institutions on the Basis of Trilateral Cooperation] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 86-100 (in Russian)
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