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Vladimir Bartenev

Securitization of International Development Aid: Political Discourse Analysis

2011. Vol. 6. No. 3. P. 37–50 [issue contents]
The securitization of development assistance has lately become one of the most debatable subjects in
the Western Political Science. It is understood as encapsulation of global and national security interests
in the framing, justification, structuring and implementation of development and aid policies based on the
perception of underdevelopment as a threat. Experts argue that this phenomenon can be observed at
three different levels: in the discourse of political leaders and the language of documentation of the international
organizations (macro-level); in the changes in institutional structure, volumes and direction of the
development aid flows (meso-level); and in the planning and implementation of specific programmes and
projects (micro-level). This article examines the manifestations of the securitization of development at
macro-level, identifies the key elements of the securitizing move as a discursive practice, and assesses
the prospects for the preservation of this trend.
Citation: Bartenev Vladimir I (2011) Cek'yuritizatsiya sfery sodeystviya mezhdunarodnomu razvitiyu: analiz politicheskogo diskursa [Securitization of International Development Aid: Political Discourse Analysis] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 3, pp. 37-50 (in Russian)
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