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Arina Shadrikova

The Role of the Third Sector in International Development Assistance

2010. Vol. 5. No. 2. P. 186–195 [issue contents]

Arina Shadrikova, Researcher of the Centre for International Comparative Studies of the International Organisations Research Institute of the State University – Higher School of Economics; E-mail: sarina_2003@list.ru

The paper presents the results from the comparative analysis of the role of non-governmental organizations in contemporary development assistance processes. The author highlights special features of NGOs’ functioning in international development cooperation, especially in emerging economies, such as Brazil, India, China and South Africa, basing on the results of the recent international studies. Such issues as communication and cooperation of NGOs with different types of donors operating in the field, including global NGOs, multilateral international institutions, and governments, as well as the interactions between organizations are comprehensively analyzed. The special focus is given to the networking NGOs, interactions between organizations to provide better efficiency and coordination of development assistance at national level and globally. To get the in-depth vision of the third sector’s specific role in international development assistance the definitions to notion “NGO” adopted in traditional and new donor countries are included to the analysis. The preliminary conclusions about the current state of NGOs’ capabilities to impact and influence on development assistance at national and global levels are based on the results from the expert interviews taken from Russian NGOs representatives active in the field and elucidated their own vision of the role and impact to international development assistance (IDA) and factors affected on their more efficient and active participation in these processes.

Citation: Shadrikova Arina P (2010) Rol' tret'ego sektora v sodeystvii mezhdunarodnomu razvitiyu [The Role of the Third Sector in International Development Assistance] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 186-195 (in Russian)
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