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Jamil Salmi (Transl. by: Arina Shadrikova , Yana Vazyakova ; Translation ed. by: Tatyana Meshkova)

Scenarios for Financial Stability of Tertiary Education

2010. Vol. 5. No. 1. P. 79–95 [issue contents]

Jamil Salmi, PhD in Development Studies, education economist, the World Bank’s tertiary education coordinator, member of the OECD’s expert group on Assessing Higher Education Learning Outcomes, the Editorial Committee of OECD’s Journal of Higher Education Management and Policy; E-mail: Jsalmi@worldbank.org

The paper presents the selected parts of the translation of the Chapter 10 “Scenarios for Financial Stability of Tertiary Education” of the publication “Higher Education to 2030. Volume 2: Globalisation” published by OECD in 2009. It explores how tertiary education worldwide could develop in financial sustainable manner, providing an overview of the main alternatives for higher education financing today with an emphasis on different allocation models and suggestions on possible future scenarios for higher education financing.

Citation: Salmi Jamil (2010) Stsenarii ustoychivogo finansirovaniya vysshego obrazovaniya [Scenarios for Financial Stability of Tertiary Education] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 1, pp. 79-95 (in Russian)
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