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Marina Larionova1
  • 1 RANEPA, 11 Prechistenskaya naberezhnaya, Moscow, 119034, Russia

EU as a Global Transformative Power: Research Methodology

2009. Vol. 4. No. 2. P. 14–20 [issue contents]

Larionova Marina – Doctor of Political Science, Vice-rector of the State University – Higher School of Economics, Director of the SU-HSE International Organisations Research Institute

The paper presents methodology developed for analysis of the EU role as a global actor and its evolving influence in the G8 over the past decade. To provide for a systemic approach the analytical paradigm adopts Dr. John Kirton’s functional assessment of the G7/G8 performance and its role in global governance. Using the functional approach the study looks into and attempts to highlight and measure the EU contribution towards the main governance objectives of domestic political management, deliberation, direction setting, decision - making, delivery and global governance development. The six functions notion is nuanced to reflect the special nature of the EU as a collective member of the G8, and to allow (1) to explore the extend to which the EU can shape the G8 decisions contributing to deliberation, direction setting and decision making; (2) assess (where / if possible) the degree to which the other actors comply with the commitments made looking at the delivery.

Citation: Larionova Marina V (2009) Metodologiya issledovaniya roli Evropeyskogo soyuza kak kollektivnogo uchastnika protsessov global'nogo upravleniya [EU as a Global Transformative Power: Research Methodology] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2, pp. 14-20 (in Russian)
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