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N Simonia

On the road to the Global Energy Security and Efficiency

2008. Vol. 3. No. 5. P. 33–35 [issue contents]

N. Simonia, Head of Chair of Political Problems of World Energy, Department of World Politics and International Relations, HSE; Head of Center for Energy Studies, Institute of World Economy and International Relation, Russian Academy of Science

This paper was prepared for the international seminar “From Heiligendamm to Toyako Summit and Beyond: Priorities for the Future Agenda and Options for Reform” sponsored by the International Organizations Research Institute of State University Higher School of Economics, which was held on 15-16 May 2008. It addresses the current issues of the world energy security and efficiency, namely oil crisis, oil market competition, energy policy of the major oil suppliers and development and use of new technologies for non-traditional energy sources. The author argues that the current oil crises is in the sphere of politics (politicization of energy problem) and is not a result of limited oil sources, because the greatest share of proved oil resources is still underground. Dr. N. Simonia considers Russia’s position in the world energy policy relations. He touches on the energy issues scramble between Russia and USA  and deals with the current European energy policy supported by USA, which ducks mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia and is directed towards consolidation of a single gas market in Europe, that, due to author, is not the reality. In conclusion N. Simonia insists that efficient cooperation and energy security can be achieved only on equal terms and on the principles defined by the Saint-Petersburg Plan of Action on Energy Security. 

Citation: Simonia N A (2008) Na puti povysheniya energeticheskoy bezopasnosti i effektivnosti [On the road to the Global Energy Security and Efficiency] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 5, pp. 33-35 (in Russian)
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