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Natalya Churkina

Russia’s National Policy and Companies’ Strategies on Climate Change in G8 Dialogue and post-Kyoto Negotiations

2008. Vol. 3. No. 4. P. 46–49 [issue contents]

Natalia Churkina, analyst, Institute for Complex Strategic Studies

Kyoto protocol soft limitations allowed Russia to postpone the development of national climate change strategy (unlike in many developed and some developing countries). Most of Russian companies are not interested in environmental and particularly climate change policy today.At the same time Russia is one of the most carbon intensive economies in the world. High carbon intensity imposes potential limitations on economic development of Russia through probable carbon taxes and technical standards. Moreover, post-Kyoto period may introduce tight obligations for Russia to reduce carbon emissions. Lack of climate change policy in Russia sends the challenge for fulfillment of Russian international obligations, particularly those accepted by Russia as G8 member. The availability of national strategy on climate change becomes crucial ahead of the Hokkaido Toyako Summit and further post-Kyoto dialogue.

Citation: Churkina Natalya M (2008) Politika Rossii i strategii rossiyskikh kompaniy v oblasti izmeneniya klimata v ramkakh dialoga «Gruppy vos'mi» i postkiotskikh peregovorov [Russia’s National Policy and Companies’ Strategies on Climate Change in G8 Dialogue and post-Kyoto Negotiations] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 4, pp. 46-49 (in Russian)
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