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Vytaliy Kartamyshev

Development and Africa

2008. Vol. 3. No. 4. P. 5–10 [issue contents]

V. Kartamyshev, Governance Policy Officer, Oxfam International

2008 is the midpoint for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals signed by 147 countries in the UN Millennium Declaration back in 2000. Given the trend in ODA allocations from the rich countries, the current uncertainties in the world financial markets, the amplifying food crisis and the affects of the climate change on the economies and livelihoods of vulnerable population in southern countries, there are worrying early signs that most poor countries will fail to accomplish the MDGs. Eight broad goals calling for halving extreme poverty, improving indicators on maternal and children’s health, decreasing under-five mortality rates and combating diseases such as TB, malaria, polio and HIV/AIDS are out of reach for many poorest countries in Africa.

G8 summits are the most significant events at which the leaders of the G8 discuss inter alia development issues and may not only determine the modalities of development assistance, but also spearhead significant international initiatives to deal with poverty and human suffering.

The article analyses the commitments made at the Heiligendamm summit in Germany in 2007 concerning African development, to which extent they have been met and some of the contemporary issues and problems facing African countries. Commitments to address HIV/AIDS, malaria and polio, promote Education for All Fast track initiative, deal with climate change effects and international trade regimes are analysed. Beyond these, the article discusses the current emerging challenges such as food crisis, development of infrastructure and the role that new actors, India and China in particular, could play in African development.

Citation: Kartamyshev Vytaliy A (2008) Razvitie i Afrika [Development and Africa] INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS RESEARCH JOURNAL, 4, pp. 5-10 (in Russian)
Keywords: G8; development; Africa; summit
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